Waldron Island has a distinctive character and charm.  There is no ferry service to the island, so transport to and from is by private boat, plane, or the island transport.  Additionally, there is no power to the island, so islanders must use alternative energy.  Of significance to farming, there are no deer on island due to the long distance from the other islands, making it easy to grow foods without construction of high deer fences.  Residents of Waldron are resourceful and enterprising, choosing to live ‘off the grid’ and away from many of the amenities of more developed areas.


Waldron Island was first settled by homesteaders in the late 1860s.  As with other farms in the islands, these families raised their own produce and had small amounts of livestock, principally for subsistence.


Beginning in the 1970s, several market gardens were established on Waldron Island, including Nootka Rose and Thousand Flower farms, joined later by Blue Moon Farm.  These growers sell at the farmers’ markets on San Juan at Friday Harbor and on Orcas at Eastsound.  They also are a major source of supply of fresh produce to the local food coop and local restaurants on San Juan.  Flowers grown on Thousand Flower Farm are also delivered weekly during the summer to regular customers in Friday Harbor.