In 1996, San Juan County farmers, WSU San Juan County Extension, the Lopez Community Land Trust, and local retailers collaborated to create the first USDA-inspected mobile meat processing unit in the nation. The Island Grown Farmers Cooperative (IGFC) was formed to manage the mobile unit for local farmers. The mobile slaughter unit allows the farmers to slaughter their livestock directly on the farm, reducing stress and impacts of transporting the animals to be slaughtered off-island.  Through this cooperative effort and direct marketing, livestock farmers in San Juan County can now serve more local customers and increase their profits by utilizing the USDA-inspected Mobile Processing Unit.  Locally raised meats are now available at local farmstands, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and restaurants.  The innovation and success of the mobile slaughter unit gained national and international attention, and is being replicated in rural farm communities throughout the world.  In 2010, membership in the Island Grown Farmers Cooperative (IGFC) was about 64, half of whom (32) were from San Juan County.  The cooperative also processes livestock from non-member farms. That year, an estimated 100,000 lbs, or about $400,000 in value, of USDA-inspected meat were processed by IGFC in SJC, of which approximately 50% was beef, and 50% was lamb and pork.  The mobile processing unit is one of only two certified organic meat processors west of the Cascades.